Americas Got Idiots is the premiere website to view videos and photos of ordinary people doing idiotic things. It also is YOUR personal site to upload videos and photos showcasing idiots in action.

I had the idea to create this website when 2 kids were practicing hot-dog tricks on their skateboards…on a high traffic corner of Bundy and Olympic in Los Angeles, CA. I was driving, approaching the corner, when my good senses told me to approach with extreme caution as I watched these dumb boys asking for trouble practicing by this busy traffic intersection.

Needless to say, my instincts were correct. One boy could not stop in time and rolled right into the street in my lane in front of my car. I would have hit him if I were an idiot too! My only regret was not having video of this idiot-in-action moment.

So, share your videos and pictures of idiots in action! America wants to see that Americas Got Idiots! Visit your idiots daily!
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